Reviews from Mia’s role as ‘Shirley’ in ‘The Speed Twins’ at Riverside Studios, London:

‘Mia Mackie’s Shirley has a likeable, open-hearted simplicity.’ Sam Marlowe, THE TIMES

‘Rounding out the cast, Mia Mackie is simply mesmerising as Shirley. It is amazing to watch Mackie bring to Shirley all the vibrancy and hopefulness of a young girl in love, and simultaneously all the caution and vulnerability of an elderly woman full of lament.’¬†Aoife O’Driscoll, THE UPCOMING

‘The three actresses that make up the cast are equally excellent, bringing variety and humanity to the stage with ease and energy. Mia Mackie, playing Shirley, rises to the challenge of playing opposite more experienced actresses, Amanda Boxer and Polly Hemingway, and proves to be one to watch in the future.’ EVERYTHING THEATRE

‘Mia Mackie makes the gorgeous Shirley more than just a lipstick lesbian love object, but someone equally at odds with the lifestyle society has imposed on her.’ William Russell, REVIEWS GATE

‘There is good support from Mia Mackie’s 60’s ghost Shirley.’ Natalie Woolman, THE STAGE

‘Mia Mackie offers sweet support as Shirley.’ Marianka Swain, ONESTOPARTS

‘Mia Mackie is no less impressive as Shirley, and her youthfulness adds a different perspective. Its a less showy part and she commendably offers solid support, and in heated moments, a voice of sanity.’ Greg Jameson, ENTERTAINMENT FOCUS

‘Shirley, subtlety played by the elfin Mia Mackie, is life affirming.’ UK BEIGE MAGAZINE UK

‘Shirley is played by Mia Mackie, sweet and glamorous – her beautiful spirit not destroyed by the terrible accident that has caused her lameness.’ Aline Waites, REMOTEGOAT

‘Mia Mackie brings forward some very difficult emotions and handles the complicated character with skill.’